Boost Juice Secret Menu Prices In Australia [2023 Updated]

If you’re a fan of Boost Juice in Australia, you might think you’ve tried every delicious concoction on their menu. However, did you know that there’s a secret menu hiding some extraordinary treats waiting to be discovered? In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Boost Juice’s secret menu, unveiling some mouthwatering creations that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight.

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Boost Juice Secret Menu

Boost Juice Secret MenuIngredientsNutrition
Apple PassionStrawberries, Apple Juice, Banana, Passionfruit, Raspberries, Sorbet, and IceGluten: Yes Diary: No
Banana Mango BlingMango, Banana, Mango Nectar, Ice, and Mango YoghurtGluten: No        Diary: Yes
Blueberry BlastBanana, Blueberries, Apple Juice, Sorbet, Ice, and Vanilla YoghurtGluten: Yes      Diary: Yes
BroteinBanana, Coconut Water, Strawberries, Coconut Mylk, Blueberries, Whey Protein, Ice and Raspberries,Gluten: No        Diary: Yes
Cafe LatteCoffee, Low Fat Milk, Banana, Sorbet, Ice, Vanilla Yoghurt, and Espresso Blend,Gluten: Yes      Diary: Yes
Fine Pine MangoMango, Pineapple, Mango Nectar, Ice, and Vanilla YoghurtGluten: No        Diary: Yes
Green MachineMango, Coconut Water, All Greens Booster, Spinach, Apple, Whey Protein, and IceGluten: No        Diary: Yes
Green Tea Pine ZenFreshly Juiced Pineapple, Freshly Squeezed Orange, Mint, Green Tea, Sorbet, IceGluten: Yes Diary: No
Holy ChocoBanana, Low Fat Milk, Strawberry Yoghurt, Chocolate Powder, and IceGluten: No        Diary: Yes
Janine’s FavouriteBanana, Mango Nectar, Raspberries, Yoghurt Mango, and IceGluten: No        Diary: Yes
Justice CrushBanana, Coconut Water, Passionfruit, Mango, Strawberries, Sorbet, and IceGluten: Yes Diary: No
Lemon CrushLemon, Sorbet, Orange, and Ice.Gluten: Yes Diary: No
Mango Berry CrushMango, Mango Nectar, Raspberries, Ice, and SorbetGluten: Yes Diary: No
Orange Berry ZenRaspberries, Freshly Squeezed Orange, Strawberries, Ice, and SorbetGluten: Yes Diary: No
Pina ColadaTropical Juice, Banana, Pineapple Juiced, Vanilla Yoghurt, Coconut Mylk, and IceGluten: No        Diary: Yes
Pro-ChocChocolate, Coconut Water, Banana, Whey Protein, Coconut Mylk, and IceGluten: No        Diary: Yes
Raspberry RippleChocolate Powder, Raspberries, Dates, Ice, Low Fat Milk, and Strawberry Yoghurt,Gluten: No        Diary: Yes
Razzberry MangoMango, Raspberries, Vanilla Yoghurt, Mango Nectar, and IceGluten: No        Diary: Yes
Skinny DipApple Juice, Banana, Strawberries, Raspberries, Vita, Strawberry Yoghurt, Sorbet, IceGluten: Yes      Diary: Yes
Strawberries & CreamStrawberries, Low Fat Milk, Sorbet, Vanilla Yoghurt, and IceGluten: Yes      Diary: Yes
Strawberry DaiquiriStrawberries, Freshly Squeezed Lemon, Apple, Sorbet, and IceGluten: Yes Diary: No
Super Mango BerryRaspberries, Mango Nectar, Vanilla Yoghurt, Strawberry Yoghurt, and IceGluten: No        Diary: Yes
Super JuiceCarrot, Freshly Juiced Apple, Beetroot, Celery, Vita Booster, and IceGluten: No        Diary: Yes
Taut N’ TonedCoconut Water, Strawberries, Banana, Whey Protein, Spinach, Dates, and IceGluten: No        Diary: Yes
Tropical CrushMango, Banana, Tropical Juice, Sorbet, and IceGluten: Yes Diary: No
Tropical StormMango, Banana, Tropical Juice, Yoghurt Mango, Coconut Mylk, and Ice.Gluten: No        Diary: Yes
Veggie GardenCarrot, Cucumber, Celery, Orange, Chia Seeds, Spinach, and IceGluten: No        Diary: No
Weekend WarriorBanana, Blueberries, Oats, Dates, Coconut Water, Whey Protein, Chia Seeds, and IceGluten: Yes      Diary: Yes

Unlocking the Secret

What is the Secret Menu?

Boost Juice’s secret menu is a collection of off-menu items that are not advertised but are available upon request. It’s like a hidden treasure trove for those in the know.

How to Access the Boost Juice Secret Menu

To access the secret menu, simply walk into a Boost Juice store and confidently ask the friendly staff if they have any secret menu items available. Be polite, and you might just be rewarded with a delectable surprise.

Insider’s Tip

Word of mouth is often the best way to discover secret menu items. Don’t hesitate to ask friends or fellow Boost Juice enthusiasts for their favourite secret concoctions.

The Boost Secret Menu Delights

The Boosted Berry Blast

Imagine the classic Berry Crush getting a turbocharge! The Boosted Berry Blast combines strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries with a hint of vanilla for an explosion of fruity goodness.

The Choc-Mint Marvel

Chocoholics, rejoice! The Choc-Mint Marvel blends rich chocolate with refreshing mint, creating a dessert-like experience in a cup. Perfect for satisfying those sweet cravings.

Tropical Sunset Surprise

For a taste of the tropics, try the Tropical Sunset Surprise. It’s a delightful mix of mango, pineapple, and coconut milk, transporting you to a beachside paradise with every sip.

Customize Your Secret Drink

Get Creative

The beauty of the Boost Juice secret menu is that you can customize your drink to suit your preferences. Want extra sweetness? Add some honey. Craving a protein boost? Ask for a scoop of protein powder.

Play with Flavours

Don’t hesitate to mix and match flavors from the regular menu with secret menu items. You might discover your own signature blend that’s not just delicious but also uniquely yours.


Exploring Boost Juice’s secret menu in Australia is a delightful journey for any smoothie enthusiast. From the Boosted Berry Blast to the Choc-Mint Marvel and the Tropical Sunset Surprise, there are hidden treasures waiting to be savored. Remember to ask the friendly staff for these off-menu delights on your next visit to Boost Juice.Unlock the secrets of flavor combinations and enjoy a personalized Boost Juice experience like no other. So, why wait? Head to your nearest Boost Juice store and embark on a delicious adventure today!

What is the Boost Juice’s secret Australia Website Link? Boost Juice’s secret Australia’s official website is


Can I find the Boost Juice secret menu items at every Boost Juice store in Australia?

While most stores offer secret menu items, availability may vary. It’s best to ask the staff at your local store.

Are secret menu items more expensive than regular menu items?

Prices can vary slightly, but in general, secret menu items are competitively priced with regular offerings.

Can I create my own secret menu item?

Absolutely! Boost Juice is all about customizsation. Feel free to get creative and ask for your unique concoction.

Are Boost Juice secret menu items healthier than regular options?

It depends on your choices. You can make secret menu items healthier by adjusting ingredients like sugar levels and adding nutritional boosts.

Is there a secret menu for Boost Juice outside of Australia?

Secret menus can vary by location. While some international stores may offer similar items, it’s best to inquire at the specific store you visit.

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