Grill’d Menu Prices In Australia✔️[2023 Updated]

When it comes to enjoying a delicious and wholesome meal, Grill d stands out as a popular choice for many Australians. Known for its fresh and gourmet burgers, Grill d has become a go-to restaurant for those looking to satisfy their taste buds with quality ingredients. In this article, we will dive into the world of Grill’d and explore its menu prices in Australia. From mouthwatering burger options to healthy salads and sides, we’ll cover it all.

Grill’d Menu Prices

Grill d Menu allows you to choose from healthy burgers, chips, salads, snacks, and more. So, no need to worry about your health anymore. Let’s dive in to know further details!

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Grill’d Burgers Menu

Grill’d Beef Burger MenuPrice
Simply Grill’d (2510kJ)$12.50
Mighty Melbourne (2940kJ)$14.50
Summer Sunset (2800kJ)$15.90
Mustard and Pickled (2210kJ)$14.50
Chilli Addict (2410kJ)$15.90
Grill’d Chicken Burger Menu
Sweet Chilli Chicken (2040kJ)$13.50
Zen Hen (2390kJ)$13.90
Simon Says (2120kJ)$14.90
HotBird (1800kJ)$15.90
Bird and Brie (2230kJ)$15.50
Caesar’s Palace (2460kJ)$15.50

Healthy Fried Chicken Menu

Healthy Fried ChickenPrice
HFC Classic (2030kJ)$13.90
HFC Chipotle (2000kJ)$14.90
HFC BLAT (2150kJ)$15.90
HFC Australian BBQ (2060kJ)$15.90

Grill’d Lamb Menu

Lamb MenuPrice
Mary’s Little Lamb (2270kJ)$16.50
Baa Baa’ Burger (2340kJ)$16.50

Grill’d Menu Wagyu Menu

Wagyu MenuPrice
Wagyu Wunder (2910kJ)$16.90
Sir Truffle (2720kJ)$16.90
Bonfire BBQ (3020kJ)$16.90

Grill’d Menu Vegetarian

Plant-Based OptionsPrice
Impossible Simply Grill’d (2070kJ)$14.50
Vegan Impossible Simply Grill’d (2100kJ)$14.50
Impossible Cheeseburger (2120kJ)$14.50
Vegan Impossible Garden Goodness (2570kJ)$14.50
Impossible Garden Goodness (2300kJ)$16.50
Vegan Impossible Garden Goodness (2570kJ)$16.50
Mushroom Truffle (2410kJ)$14.50
Mushroom Cheeseburger (2570kJ)$14.50
Vegan Mushroom Cheeseburger (2320kJ)$14.50
Garden Goodness (2060kJ)$13.90
Vegan Garden Goodness (2220kJ)$13.90

Grill’d Menu Sliders

Sliders OptionsPrice
Sliders Pair (2280kJ)$14.50
Sliders Trio (3420kJ)$17.00

Build Your Own Menu

Build Your Own OptionsPrice
Beef Burger$9.00
Chicken Burger$9.50
HFC Burger$10.50
Lamb Burger$16.50
Wagyu Burger$13.50
Impossible Burger$11.50
Fable Mushroom Burger$11.50
Garden Goodness Burger$10.50

Grill’d Salads Menu

Salads MenuPrice
Chicken Pom Salad (1520kJ)$14.90
Chicken Caesar Salad (2480kJ)$14.90
Superpower Salad (1890kJ)$14.90

Grill d Chips and Dips Menu

Chips & Dips MenuPrice
Famous Grill’d Chips – Snack (1400kJ)$4.90
Famous Grill’d Chips – Regular (2460kJ)$6.70
Sweet Potato Chips – One Serve (992kJ)$4.90
Sweet Potato Chips – For Share (2260kJ)$8.90
Zucchini Chips – One Serve (1150kJ)$4.90
Zucchini Chips – For Share (1530kJ)$8.90
Chips Share Plate (3600kJ)$14.60
Herbed Chip Dip with Mayo (910kJ)$1.20
Sweet Chilli Mayo Chip Dip (890kJ)$1.20
Tomato Relish Chip Dip (150kJ)$1.20

Sides Menu

Sides MenuPrice
Saltbush and Pepper Onion Rings – One Serve (670kJ)$4.90
Pepper Onion Rings and Saltbush – For Share (1100kJ)$8.90
HFC Natural Bites – 6 Pcs (1090kJ)$7.50
HFC Natural Bites – 9 Pcs (1630kJ)$10.50
HFC Natural Bites – 12 Pcs (2180kJ)$13.50
Bonfire HFC BBQ Bites – 6 Pcs (1310kJ)$8.50
Bonfire HFC BBQ Bites – 9 Pcs (1960kJ)$11.50
Bonfire HFC BBQ Bites – 12 Pcs (2610kJ)$14.50
Sweet HFC Chilli Bites – 6 Pcs (1350kJ)$8.50
Sweet HFC Chilli Bites – 9 Pcs (2020kJ)$11.50
Sweet HFC Chilli Bites – 12 Pcs (2700kJ)$14.50

Grill’d Snacks Menu

Snacks MenuPrice
Healthy Fried Chicken Pocket Rocket (1390kJ)$5.90
HFC Julius Caesar Pocket Rocket (1830kJ)$5.90
Snack Slider (1120kJ)$5.90

Grill’d Drinks Menu

Drinks MenuPrice
Pepsi Max 600ml$4.50
Pepsi 600ml$4.50
Schweppes Traditional Raspberry 600ml$4.50
Schweppes Lemonade 600ml$4.50
Solo Zero 600ml$4.50
Solo 600ml$4.50
Sunkist 600ml$4.50
Bundaberg Ginger Beer 375ml$4.20
Bundaberg Lemon Lime and Bitters 375ml$4.20
Lipton Peach Ice Tea – 500ml$4.90
Lipton Lemon Ice Tea – 500ml$4.90
Remedy Organic Kombucha – Raspberry and Lemonade 330ml$5.50
Organic Kombucha Remedy – Wild Berry 330ml$5.50
Organic Kombucha Remedy – Ginger Lemon 330ml$5.50
Remedy Organic Kombucha – Mango Passionfruit 330ml$5.50
Organic Kombucha Remedy – Pink Lady Apple 330ml$5.50
Remedy Sodaly – Passionfruit 250ml$4.90
Preshafruit – Valencia Orange 350ml$4.50
Pink Lady Fresh Apple 350ml$4.50
Pepsi Max 300ml$3.90
Pepsi – 300ml$3.90
Schweppes Agrum – Blood Orange 300ml$3.90
Schweppes Agrum – Citrus Blend 300ml$3.90
Schweppes Mineral Water – Mango and Orange 300ml$3.90
Cool Ridge Water 600ml$3.60
VOSS Sparkling Water 375ml$5.00
Kid’s Juice$2.40
Kid’s Water$2.40

Grill’d Kids Menu

Kids MenuPrice
Beef Me Pack Mini + Water (2030kJ)$9.90
Beef Mini Me Pack + Apple Juice (2510kJ)$9.90
Chicken Me Pack Mini + Water (1840kJ)$9.90
Mini Chicken Me Pack + Apple Juice (2320kJ)$9.90
Veggie Mini Me Pack + Water (1850kJ)$9.90
Veggie Mini Me Pack + Juice (2330kJ)$9.90
Mini Me Chicken Bites + Water (1980kJ)$9.90
Mini Me Chicken Bites + Juice (1980kJ)$9.90
Dynamic Beef (2640kJ)$12.90
Dynamic Chicken (2230kJ)$12.90
Dynamic Veggie (2230kJ)$12.90
Dynamic Beef Cheeseburger (2080kJ)$12.90

A Brief History of Grill’d menu

Before we delve into the menu prices, let’s take a moment to appreciate the journey of Grill’d. Founded in 2004 by Simon Crowe, Geoff Bainbridge, and Robin Crowe, Grill’d was born out of a desire to offer a healthier and tastier alternative to traditional fast food. Their vision was to create burgers that not only tasted great but were made from the finest ingredients.

Burgers Galore

Grill’d takes pride in its diverse burger menu. Whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, or vegan, there’s a burger for everyone. Here are some of the mouthwatering options you can find on the Grill’d menu:

Classic Beef Burger

If you’re a fan of the classics, the Classic Beef Burger is a must-try. It’s made with 100% grass-fed lean beef, salad, relish, and herbed mayo.

Zen Hen Burger

For a healthier twist, the Zen Hen Burger features a grilled chicken breast, avocado, and a zesty slaw, all topped with herbed mayo.

Garden Goodness Burger

Vegetarians rejoice with the Garden Goodness Burger, packed with a delicious veggie patty, salad, relish, and herbed mayo.

Beyond Simply Grill d Burger

Vegans can savor the Beyond Simply Grill’d Burger, featuring a Beyond Meat patty, vegan cheese, salad, and vegan aioli.

Sides and Salads

Grill’d doesn’t stop at burgers. They offer a variety of sides and salads to complement your meal. From crispy chips to superfood salads, there’s something for everyone.

Kids’ Menu

Grill’d also caters to the little ones with a kids’ menu, ensuring that families can enjoy a wholesome meal together.

Why Choose Grill’d menu?

Grill'd Menu
Grill’d Menu

Quality Ingredients

One of the key reasons why Grill’d menu has garnered a loyal following is its commitment to using high-quality ingredients. From the freshest vegetables to ethically sourced meats, every bite at Grill’d is a testament to their dedication to quality.

Healthier Choices

In an era where health-conscious eating is a priority, Grill’d menu offers a range of healthier options. Whether you’re watching your calorie intake or following a specific dietary preference, you can find a suitable meal at Grill’d.

Community Involvement

Grill d believes in giving back to the community. They actively support local initiatives and charities, making them not just a restaurant but a responsible corporate citizen.


Grill’d menu has undoubtedly made its mark in the Australian food scene with its delicious and health-conscious menu. From their delectable burgers to their commitment to quality, it’s no surprise that Grill’d continues to be a top choice for many. So, the next time you’re in Australia and craving a wholesome meal, consider heading to Grill’d for a satisfying experience.

What is the Grill’d Australia Website Link? Grill’d Australia’s official website is

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Grill’d burgers made with organic ingredients?

Grill d menu sources high-quality ingredients, but not all are organic. They focus on using fresh and ethically sourced produce.

Do they have gluten-free options on their menu?

Yes, Grill’d offers gluten-free buns, and some of their burgers can be customized to be gluten-free.

Can I order Grill’d online for delivery?

Yes, many Grill’d menu locations offer online ordering and delivery services for your convenience.

Are there vegetarian and vegan options available?

Absolutely! Grill’d has a variety of vegetarian and vegan burgers, as well as salads and sides to cater to different dietary preferences.

Does Grill’d have any loyalty programs or rewards for frequent customers?

Yes, Grill’d menu has a loyalty program called “Relish,” where you can earn rewards and discounts with each visit.

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