KFC Nutrition Menu Prices In Australia✔️[2023 Updated]

When it comes to fast-food favorites, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) undoubtedly tops the list for many. The delectable fried chicken and a range of tempting sides have made KFC a household name worldwide. However, with concerns about health and nutrition on the rise, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the KFC Nutrition Menu. In this article, we’ll take you through a detailed guide on the nutritional aspects of KFC’s menu items.

KFC Nutrition Menu in Australia

Although Aussies can’t live without KFC, they care for their health. So, they look for nutrition information before placing an order for a meal. Let’s check out the KFC nutrition information for each option. It is worth mentioning that each KFC food may contain allergens.

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Limited Time offer Nutrition

Limited Time OfferEnergy (kj)Protein (g)Fats (g)Sugar (g)
24 Nuggets570766.785.527.5
Mates Burger Box15636191.2178.927.7
Value Burger Box11307123.2109.825

KFC Shared Meals Nutrition

Shared MealsEnergy (kj)Protein (g)Fats (g)Sugar (g)
Value Burger Box11307123.2109.825
Mates Burger Box15636191.2178.927.7
Mixed Feast13830172.8181.317
Giant Feast29488408364.686.3
Family Feast17903242.7212.558.6
Burger Feast14372163.9151.437.7

KFC Boxed Meal Nutrition

Boxed MealsEnergy (kj)Protein (g)Fats (g)Sugar (g)
3 Piece Box$4,92873.957.84.3
Original Tenders Box$4,213.004757.22.7
Favourites Box$5,514.0070.169.74.3
Ultimate Box$4,005.0052.841.36.8
Zinger Burger Box$4,558.0055.552.27.3
Zinger Stacker Burger Box$5,90381.47111.4
Zinger Crunch Burger Box$5,188.0059.3639.7
Original Crunch Twister Box$4,648.0044.455.87.4
Zinger Crunch Twister Box$4,743.0048.853.28.7

KFC Chicken Nutrition

ChickenEnergy (kj)Protein (g)Fats (g)Sugar (g)
24 Nuggets570766.785.527.5
1 Piece Of Chicken103121.214.80.2
6 Pieces Of Chicken6188126.988.61.1
21 Pieces Of Chicken21659444.23103.8
Original Fillet Piece78019.29.20.2
Zinger Fillet Piece8962110.90.5
Regular Popcorn Chicken Combo289829.237.41
Regular Popcorn Chicken172324.326.10.6
Maxi Popcorn Chicken Combo417647.356.81.5
Maxi Popcorn Chicken300242.445.51.1
3 Wicked Wings Combo26432735.30.7
3 Wicked Wings146822.1240.4
6 Wicked Wings Combo411149.159.31.1
6 Wicked Wings293744.2480.7
10 Wicked Wings Combo606978.691.21.5
10 Wicked Wings489473.7801.2
5 Original Tenders Combo443649.367.63
3 Original Tenders Combo301844.456.32.6
3 Original Tenders184326.630.81.4
6 Nugget Combo251721.326.812.4
6 Nuggets134216.315.512
10 Nugget Combo350932.237.224.3
10 Nuggets233427.325.923.9

KFC Burger Nutrition

BurgersEnergy (kj)Protein (g)Fats (g)Sugar (g)
Double Tender Burger$2,048.0023.727.74.5
Double Tender Burger Combo$3,22328.638.94.9
Original Recipe Burger$1,600.0025.215.35.8
Original Recipe Burger Combo$2,77530.126.66.1
Zinger Burger$1,716.0027176
Zinger Burger Combo$2,891.0031.928.36.4
Zinger Stacker Burger$3,062.0052.935.810.1
Zinger Stacker Burger Combo$4,236.0057.847.110.5
Zinger Crunch Burger234630.827.88.5
Zinger Crunch Burger Combo352135.739.18.9

KFC Twisters & Bowls Nutrition

Twisters & BowlsEnergy (kj)Protein (g)Fats (g)Sugar (g)
Zinger Crunch Twister237428.326.97.4
Zinger Crunch Twister Combo354933.238.27.8
Original Crunch Twister22782429.46.2
Original Crunch Twister Combo345328.940.76.5
Zinger Crunch Bowl16722421.710.2
Zinger Crunch Bowl Combo284728.93310.6
Original Tender Crunch Bowl179720.426.79.2
Original Crunch Tenderbowl Combo297225.3389.5

KFC Kids Meal Nutrition

Snacks & Kids MealsEnergy (kj)Protein (g)Fats (g)Sugar (g)
Go Bucket Popcorn Chicken216518.726.40.7
Go Bucket 1 Original Tender159413.416.70.5
Go Bucket 2 Wicked Wings214819.427.30.6
Go Bucket 3 Nuggets169312.818.90.6
Original Pepper Mayo Slider119912.415.22.6
Original BBQ Slider104812.49.36.4
Original Supercharged Slider112912.4133.3
Zinger Crunch Bowl16722421.710.2
Zinger Crunch Bowl Combo284728.93310.6
Original Tender Crunch Bowl179720.426.79.2
Original Crunch Bowl Combo297225.3389.5
3 Wicked Wings146822.1240.4
Meal with Snack Popcorn Chicken216518.726.40.7
Meal with Nuggets216115.621.712.2
Kids Meal with BBQ Slider145913.413.319.3

KFC Sides Nutrition

SidesEnergy (kj)Protein (g)Fats (g)Sugar (g)
Large Chips23389.422.60.7
Regular Chips11694.711.30.4
Double Chocolate Mousse14902.829.916.8
Crunchy Jalapeno Slaw776310.89.8
Large Potato & Gravy12107.73.62.3
Regular Potato & Gravy2961.90.90.6
Large Coleslaw16834.116.253.1
Regular Coleslaw4111413
Regular Gravy2531.82.50.7
Dinner Roll4604.12.32.8

KFC Drinks Nutrition Information

DrinksEnergy (kj)Protein (g)Fats (g)Sugar (g)
Raspberry Freeze8190047.9
Pepsi Freeze6900040.4
Mountain Dew Freeze8950052.8
Pepsi Max60.200

The History of KFC

Before diving into the nutritional details, let’s briefly explore the history of KFC. Founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952, KFC has grown into one of the most recognized and beloved fast-food chains globally. With its secret blend of herbs and spices, KFC’s original recipe chicken has been satisfying taste buds for decades.

Decoding the Nutritional Values

Calories Count

One of the first things you should consider when looking at KFC’s menu is the calorie content. KFC’s menu offers a variety of options, and the calorie count can vary significantly. Whether you’re indulging in the Original Recipe Chicken or opting for a grilled option, knowing the calorie content is essential for maintaining a balanced diet.

Protein-Packed Options

KFC is primarily known for its chicken, which is a good source of protein. However, different items on the menu contain varying amounts of protein. We’ll break down which options offer the most protein per serving, helping you make an informed choice.

Fat Facts

Fried chicken is undoubtedly delicious, but it can also be high in fat. Understanding the types of fats present in KFC’s offerings and their impact on your health is crucial. We’ll explore the fat content in KFC’s menu items and provide insights on healthier alternatives.

Carb Conscious Choices

For those watching their carbohydrate intake, KFC offers some options that are lower in carbs. We’ll highlight these choices and explain how they can fit into your dietary plan.

Sodium Levels

Sodium content is a concern for many when it comes to fast food. High sodium intake can have adverse health effects. We’ll discuss the sodium levels in KFC’s menu items and offer tips on how to reduce your sodium intake while enjoying your favorite KFC meals.

Dietary Preferences

KFC recognizes that dietary preferences and restrictions vary. Whether you’re vegetarian or looking for gluten-free options, we’ll guide you through KFC’s menu to find choices that align with your dietary needs.

Kids’ Menu

Parents often wonder about the nutritional value of items on the KFC kids’ menu. We’ll provide insights into the nutritional content of these meals and offer suggestions for making healthier choices for your little ones.

KFC Nutrition Menu
KFC Nutrition Menu

Tips for Healthier Choices

In this section, we’ll offer practical tips for making healthier choices when dining at KFC. From portion control to customizing your order, these tips will help you enjoy your meal without compromising your health goals.


In conclusion, KFC offers a range of menu items to cater to diverse tastes. While indulging in the mouthwatering flavors, it’s essential to be mindful of the nutritional information provided. By understanding the calorie counts, protein content, fat levels, and other nutritional aspects, you can make informed choices that align with your dietary goals.

What is the KFC Nutrition Australia Website Link? KFC Nutrition Australia’s official website is https://www.kfc.com.au/


1. Is KFC’s grilled chicken a healthier option compared to the fried chicken?

Grilled chicken is generally lower in calories and fat, making it a healthier choice if you’re watching your diet.

2. What are some low-carb options available at KFC?

KFC’s grilled chicken and certain salads are good low-carb choices.

3. Can I find vegetarian options at KFC?

Yes, KFC offers vegetarian options like the Veggie Burger and sides like coleslaw and mashed potatoes.

4. How can I reduce my sodium intake when dining at KFC?

Opt for items with lower sodium content, like grilled chicken, and avoid adding extra salt.

5. Are there gluten-free options at KFC?

While KFC doesn’t have a dedicated gluten-free menu, some items may be gluten-free. It’s best to check with the staff and review the allergen information on their website.

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