Mad Mex Menu Prices In Australia ✔️[2023 Updated]

Welcome to the flavorful world of Mad Mex, where Mexican cuisine meets the vibrant spirit of Australia. In this article, we’ll take you on a gastronomic journey through Mad Mex’s menu offerings, exploring their delectable dishes, prices, and what makes this Mexican-inspired chain so popular Down Under.

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Mad Mex Menu

The menu offers from sizzling fajitas to zesty tacos. All dishes are made with love, inspired by Mexican traditional food. Let’s explore further details

Mad Mex Combos Menu

Burrito Combofrom $22.50
Naked Burrito Combofrom $22.50
Nachos Combofrom $23.50
Quesadilla Combofrom $22.50
Grande Melt Combofrom $23.50
Small Burrito Combofrom $19.50
Small Naked Burrito Combofrom $19.50

Mad Mex Mains Menu

Mains MenuPrice
Burritofrom $15.90
Naked Burritofrom $15.90
Nachosfrom $16.90
Quesadillafrom $15.90
Grande Meltfrom $16.90

Mad Mex Kit Menu

Combo 2, 4, 10Price
Taco kitfrom $45.00
Burrito x 2from $44.00

Small Meals and Kids

Small Meals and KidsPrice
Small Burritofrom $12.50
Small Naked Burritofrom $12.50
Small Nachosfrom $13.50
Cheese Quesadilla$7.00
Small Corn Chips & Guacamole (VG, GF)$6.00

Mad Mex Sides Menu

Sides MenuPrice
Small Corn Chips (VG, GF)$3.00
Guacamole Side (VG, GF)$3.00
Chipotle Crema Side (VG, GF)$2.00
Mild Salsa Side (VG, GF)$2.00
Medium Salsa Side (VG, GF)$2.00
Spicy Salsa Side (VG, GF)$2.00
Queso (Melted Cheese) Side (V, GF)$2.50
Pico de Gallo Side (VG, GF)$2.00
Grande Guacamole (VG, GF)$8.00
Grande Chicken – Grilled (GF)$8.00
Grande Chorizo (GF)$8.00

Mad Mex Desserts Menu

Desserts MenuPrice
2 x Churros (V) + Chocolate ((V, GF)$6.90
2 x Churros (V) + Dulce de Leche (V, GF)$6.90

Mad Mex Drinks Menu

Drinks MenuPrice
Pepsi Can$4.50
Pepsi Max Can$4.50
Solo Can$4.50
Sunkist Can$4.50
Pepsi 600ml$5.70
Pepsi Max 600ml$5.70
Solo 600ml$5.70
Sunkist 600ml$5.70
Jarrito: Mexican Cola$6.90
Jarrito: Guava$6.90
Jarrito: Lime$6.90
Kombucha: Ginger Lemon$6.90
Kombucha: Raspberry Lemonade$6.90
Red Bull 250ml$5.70
Red Bull Sugar Free 250ml$5.70
Lipton Ice Tea Lemon 500ml$5.70
Lipton Ice Tea Peach 500ml$5.70
Pepsi 600ml$5.70
Pepsi Max 600ml$5.70
Solo 600ml$5.70
Sunkist 600ml$5.70

A Taste of Mexico in Australia

Mad Mex menu a beloved Mexican fast-food chain, has been serving up a fusion of fresh, flavorful, and healthy Mexican-inspired dishes to the Australian palate for years. With a commitment to using only the finest ingredients and delivering an authentic experience, Mad Mex has become a go-to destination for those craving a taste of Mexico in Australia.

What Sets Mad Mex Apart?

Fresh Ingredients

Mad Mex takes pride in sourcing the freshest ingredients to create their dishes. From the ripest avocados for guacamole to succulent meats and vibrant vegetables, every bite bursts with flavor.


One of Mad Mex menu unique features is the ability to customize your order. Whether you prefer a mild or spicy salsa, extra cheese, or a particular protein, Mad Mex ensures your meal is tailored to your taste.

Health Conscious

In addition to satisfying your taste buds, Mad Mex also caters to health-conscious customers by offering gluten-free and vegetarian options. It’s a place where flavor and nutrition meet.


Mad Mex menu brings the vibrant flavors of Mexico to Australia, offering a diverse menu that caters to all tastes. With affordable prices, fresh ingredients, and a commitment to customization and health, it’s no wonder that Mad Mex has become a favorite dining destination Down Under.

What is the Mad Mex Menu Australia Website Link? Mad Mex Menu Australia’s official website is


Is Mad Mex only in Australia?

No, Mad Mex also has locations in New Zealand and Singapore, but this article focuses on the Australian menu and prices.

Are there vegan options at Mad Mex?

Yes, Mad Mex offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options, including plant-based proteins and vegan-friendly toppings.

Can I order online from Mad Mex?

Yes, you can easily place your order online through their website or mobile app for convenient takeaway or delivery.

Are there any seasonal specials at Mad Mex?

Mad Mex frequently introduces seasonal specials and limited-time offers, so be sure to check their menu for exciting new flavors.

Does Mad Mex offer catering services?

Yes, Mad Mex provides catering services for events and gatherings, making it a great choice for parties and celebrations.

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