NeNe Chicken Menu Prices in Australia [2023 Updated]

When it comes to indulging in delicious fried chicken, Australians have a plethora of options to choose from. One such option that has been making waves in the culinary scene is NeNe Chicken. In this article, we will take a deep dive into NeNe Chicken’s menu prices in Australia, exploring their offerings, pricing, and what makes them stand out in the world of fast-food fried chicken.

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NeNe Chicken Menu Prices in Australia
NeNe Chicken Menu Prices in Australia

NeNe Chicken Menu with Prices

The mouth-watering menu offers a range of fried and crispy chicken coated with secret sauces. Let’s explore the entire menu!

NeNe Chicken: Classic Boneless Menu

NeNe Classic Range and BonelessPrice
Original Chicken – Regular (3714 kJ)$15.55
Original Chicken – Large ( 7060 kJ)$26.50
Original Chicken- Jumbo (12687 kJ)$39.95
Flavoured Chicken- Regular (4307 kJ)$17.95
Flavoured Chicken- Large (8178 kJ)$30.95
Flavoured Chicken – Jumbo (14709 kJ)$46.95
Original Boneless Chicken (6647 kJ)$35.95
Flavoured Boneless Chicken (7636 kJ)$42.95

NeNe Wingettes and Drumettes Menu

Wingettes & DrumettesPrice
Original W&D – 6 Pieces (2897 kJ)$9.50
Original W&D – 10 Pieces (4829 kJ)$14.95
Original W&D – 18 Pieces (8693 kJ)$24.95
Original W&D – 40 Pieces (19318 kJ)$52.50
Flavoured W&D – 6 Pieces (3325 kJ)$11.40
Flavoured W&D – 10 Pieces (5526 kJ)$17.75
Flavoured W&D – 18 Pieces (9944 kJ)$29.95
Flavoured W&D – 40 Pieces (22114 kJ)$59.95

Half And Half NeNe Chicken Menu

NeNe Half & Half MenuPrice
Half & Half Classic Range Chicken- Large (9312 kJ)$33.95
Half & Half Classic Range Chicken- Jumbo (15877 kJ)$49.95
Half & Half Boneless Chicken (7636 kJ)$45.95
Half & Half W&D Chicken- 10 Pieces (5499 kJ)$20.75
Half & Half W&D Chicken – 18 Pieces (9898 kJ)$32.95
Half & Half W&D Chicken – 40 Pieces (22114 kJ)$62.95

NeNe Chicken Lunch Boxes Menu

NeNe Lunch BoxesPrice
Nene Dosirak (5048 kJ)$16.50
Drumstick Duo (2590 kJ)$14.25
Bulgogi Rice (2876 kJ)$16.50
Snack Pack (3310 kJ)$9.55

NeNe Chicken Burgers Menu

NeNe Burger MenuPrice
Original Burger (3038 kJ)$15.55
Kimchi Burger (2898 kJ)$15.55

NeNe Chicken Wraps Menu

Wraps MenuPrice
Original Chicken Wrap (2164 kJ)$12.95

NeNe Sides Menu

Sides OptionsPrice
Chips – Regular (1494 kJ)$5.95
Chips – Large (3055 kJ)$8.95
Coleslaw – Regular (1446 kJ)$5.95
Korean Garden Salad – Regular (440 kJ)$5.95
Cheesy Mayo Chips (2067 kJ)$7.50
Cheesy Sticks (1005 kJ)$6.95
Chilli Ranch Chips (1748 kJ)$7.50

NeNe Drinks Menu

Drinks MenuPrice
Coke 600ml$5.50
Coke No Sugar 600ml$5.50
Sprite 600ml$5.50
Fanta 600ml$5.50
Milkis 500ml$5.50
Coke 1.25L$6.95
Coke No Sugar 1.25L$6.95
Sprite 1.25L$6.95
Fanta 1.25L$6.95
Mount Franklin$4.95
Orange Juice$5.50

A Taste of Korea Down Under

NeNe Chicken’s Origins

NeNe Chicken hails from South Korea and has successfully brought the flavors of Korean fried chicken to the land Down Under. With its first store opening in Melbourne in 2015, NeNe Chicken has rapidly gained popularity among Aussies who crave a unique twist on classic fried chicken.

A Crispy Experience

One of the standout features of NeNe Chicken’s menu is its commitment to delivering exceptionally crispy chicken. The secret lies in their double frying technique, which ensures a crispy exterior while keeping the meat tender and juicy.

Exploring the NeNe Chicken Menu

Chicken Varieties

NeNe Chicken offers a diverse range of chicken options to cater to different tastes. These include:

Original Fried Chicken

A classic choice for purists, the original fried chicken boasts a crisp, golden-brown skin and succulent meat inside.

Snowing Cheese Chicken

For those who enjoy a cheesy kick, the snowing cheese chicken is a delightful option. It’s coated with a generous layer of melted cheese, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

Swicy Chicken

Combining sweet and spicy flavors, the swicy chicken is a tantalizing choice for those who like a bit of heat in their fried chicken.

Freaking Hot Chicken

Daredevils can take on the challenge of the freaking hot chicken, which lives up to its name with an intense level of spiciness.

Sides and Extras

NeNe Chicken doesn’t stop at just chicken. They also offer an array of sides and extras, including:

Kimchi Coleslaw

A fusion of Korean and Australian flavors, this coleslaw is infused with kimchi for a unique twist.

Why Choose NeNe Chicken Menu?

Quality Ingredients

NeNe Chicken takes pride in using high-quality ingredients to ensure that every bite is packed with flavor. From the freshest chicken to the finest spices, they spare no expense in crafting their signature dishes.

Unique Flavors

What sets NeNe Chicken apart is its commitment to unique flavors. Whether you’re in the mood for something spicy, cheesy, or just classic, there’s a NeNe Chicken option to satisfy your cravings.

Friendly Atmosphere

NeNe Chicken outlets in Australia offer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, making it a great place to dine in with friends and family. The casual setting and attentive staff add to the overall dining experience.


In summary, NeNe Chicken has made a significant mark in the Australian fast-food scene with its delectable Korean fried chicken offerings. Their diverse menu, commitment to quality, and affordable prices make them a go-to choice for chicken lovers. So, the next time you’re in the mood for crispy, flavorful chicken, consider giving NeNe Chicken a try.

What is the NeNe Chicken Australia Website Link? NeNe Chicken Australia’s official website is


Is NeNe Chicken only available in Australia?

No, NeNe Chicken has a global presence with stores in various countries, but this article specifically focuses on the Australian menu prices.

Are there vegetarian options at NeNe Chicken?

While NeNe Chicken primarily specializes in chicken dishes, some outlets may offer a limited selection of vegetarian sides.

Do they offer delivery services?

Yes, NeNe Chicken often provides delivery services through various platforms for added convenience.

What is the most popular item on NeNe Chicken’s menu?

The popularity of items can vary, but the original fried chicken remains a consistent favorite among customers.

Can I find NeNe Chicken’s menu prices online?

Yes, many NeNe Chicken locations have their menu and prices available online for easy reference.

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