Sharetea Menu Prices In Australia ✔️[2023 Updated]

Sharetea Menu Prices In Australia: Before we delve into the menu and prices, let’s get acquainted with Sharetea. Sharetea Menu is a renowned tea chain that originated in Taiwan and quickly gained international recognition for its premium tea offerings. Established in 1992, Sharetea has expanded its presence to various countries, including Australia.

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Sharetea Menu with Prices in Australia

The menu allows people may take a break from their hectic schedules and share a cup of delicious tea with the people they care about most in the world. To know available options, let’s dive in!

Sharetea Popular Menu

Popular ItemsPrice
Taro Milk Tea (Large) (1573KJ)$8.40
Matcha Milk Tea (Large) (1190KJ)$8.40
Sticky Purple Rice Yoghurt (Regular) (2272KJ)$9.80
Thai Milk Tea (Large) (1396KJ)$8.40
Mango Milk Tea (Large)(1242KJ)$8.40
Watermelon Lychee Smoothie (Large) (2192KJ)$8.60
Strawberry Milk Tea (Large)(1121KJ)$8.40
Okinawa Milk Tea (Large) (956KJ)$8.40
Chocolate Smoothie (Large)(1646KJ)$8.60
Watermelon Milk Tea (Large)(1441KJ)$8.40

Flavoured Milk Tea Menu

Flavoured Milk TeaPrice
Taro Milk Tea (Large)(1573KJ)$8.40
Matcha Milk Tea (Large)(1190KJ)$8.40
Thai Milk Tea (Large)(1396KJ)$8.40
Mango Milk Tea (Large)(1242KJ)$8.40
Strawberry Milk Tea (Large)(1121KJ)$8.40
Watermelon Milk Tea (Large)(1441KJ)$8.40
Okinawa Milk Tea (Large)(956KJ)$8.40
Chocolate Milk Tea (Large)(945KJ)$8.40
Honeydew Milk Tea (Large)$8.40
Coconut Milk Tea (Large)$8.40
Lychee Milk Tea (Large)(1459KJ)$8.40

Premium Milk Tea Menu

Premium Milk TeaPrice
Lychee Jelly Milk Tea (Large)(1060KJ)$8.40
Pudding Milk Tea (Large)(1267KJ)$8.40

Fruit Sharetea Menu

Fruit TeaPrice
Peach Fruit Tea (Large)(854KJ$8.00
Lychee Fruit Tea (Large)(848KJ)$8.00
Mango Passionfruit Fruit Tea (Large)(861KJ)$8.00
Mango Fruit Tea (Large)(594KJ)$8.00
Passionfruit Fruit Tea (Large)(559KJ)$8.00
Strawberry Fruit Tea (Large)(500KJ)$8.00
Honeydew Fruit Tea(500KJ)$8.00
Orange Fruit Tea (Large)(759KJ)$8.00
Grapefruit Fruit Tea (Large)(402KJ)$8.00
P.O.G Fruit Tea (Large)(507KJ)$8.00
Honey Lemon Aloe Vera Fruit Tea (Large)$8.00
Lemon Fruit Tea (Large)(862KJ)$8.00
Kiwifruit Fruit Tea (Large) (861KJ)$8.00

Classic Milk Tea Menu

Classic Milk TeaPrice
Assam Black Milk Tea (Large) (1437KJ)$7.60
Jasmine Green Milk Tea (Large)(1443KJ)$7.60
Oolong Milk Tea(1443KJ)$7.60

Fresh Sharetea Menu

Fresh TeaPrice
Jasmine Green Tea (Large) (612KJ)$7.40
Assam Black Tea (Large) (606KJ)$7.40
Oolong Fresh Tea (612KJ)$7.40

Sharetea Cream Top

Cream Top MenuPrice
Mango Crush with Cream Top (Large) (1605KJ)$9.60
Jasmine Green Tea with Cream Top (Large) (1521KJ)$9.00
Strawberry Crush with Cream Top (Large)$9.60
Peach Crush with Cream Top (Large)(2210KJ)$9.60
Matcha with Cream Top (Large) (2100KJ)$9.00
Assam Black Tea with Cream Top (Large)(1516KJ)$9.00

Sharetea Crushes Menu

Crushes MenuPrice
Kiwifruit Crush (Large)$8.40
Mango Passionfruit Crush (Large) (1239KJ)$8.40
Mango Crush (Large) (1386KJ)$8.40
Strawberry Crush (Large)(1053KJ)$8.40

Sharetea Smoothies

Smoothies MenuPrice
Chocolate Smoothie (Large) (1646KJ)$8.60
Watermelon Lychee Smoothie (Large) (2192KJ)$8.60
Taro Smoothie (Large) (1777KJ)$8.60
Mango Smoothie (Large)(1674KJ)$8.60
Watermelon Smoothie (Large)$8.60
Honeydew Smoothie$8.60
Thai Smoothie (Large)$8.60

Sharetea Yoghurt

Yoghurt MenuPrice
Sticky Purple Rice Yoghurt (Regular) (2272KJ)$9.80
Strawberry Popping Pearl Yoghurt (Regular)$9.80
Red Bean Purple Rice Yoghurt (Regular)$9.80
Taro & Red Bean Yoghurt (Regular)(2541KJ)$9.80
Mango Purple Rice Yoghurt (Regular)$9.80
Mango Passionfruit Yoghurt (Regular) (2794KJ)$9.80

Hot Tea Menu

Hot TeaPrice
Hot Thai Milk Tea$8.40
Hot Chocolate Milk Tea$8.40
Hot Taro Milk Tea$8.40
Hot Okinawa Milk Tea$8.40
Hot Matcha Milk Tea$8.40
Hot Coconut Milk Tea$8.40
Hot Watermelon Milk Tea$8.40
Hot Lychee Milk Tea$8.40
Hot Lychee Fruit Tea$8.40
Hot Peach Fruit Tea$8.40

The Sharetea Menu

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Sharetea menu, which is nothing short of impressive. Whether you’re a fan of classic milk tea or enjoy fruity concoctions, Sharetea has something for everyone. Here’s a breakdown of some of the popular categories and offerings:

Classic Milk Teas

  • Classic Pearl Milk Tea
  • Classic Roasted Milk Tea
  • Classic Honey Milk Tea

Fruit Teas

  • Lemon Yakult
  • Grapefruit QQ
  • Mango Green Tea

Fresh Milk Series

  • Brown Sugar Milk Tea
  • Hokkaido Milk Tea
  • Strawberry Milk Tea

Brewed Teas

  • Assam Black Tea
  • Jasmine Green Tea
  • Tie Guan Yin Tea

Creama Series

  • Matcha Red Bean
  • Crema Rock Salt Cheese
  • Chocolate Creama

Ice Blended

  • Taro Ice Blended
  • Mocha Ice Blended
  • Red Bean Smoothie

Snacks and Toppings

  • Popcorn Chicken
  • Seaweed Fries
  • Taro Q

Why Choose Sharetea?

Sharetea Menu commitment to using high-quality tea leaves and fresh ingredients sets it apart from the competition. The brand prides itself on creating beverages that not only taste exceptional but also provide a unique and refreshing experience. The menu caters to a wide range of preferences, from traditionalists who love their classic milk tea to adventurous souls seeking innovative flavor combinations.


In conclusion, Sharetea Menu prices in Australia offer great value for the delightful tea experiences they provide. Whether you’re a regular customer or a first-time visitor, Sharetea welcomes you with its extensive menu and friendly service. So, the next time you’re looking for a sweet escape from the daily grind, consider treating yourself to a cup of Sharetea’s finest.

What is the Sharetea Menu Australia Website Link? Sharetea Menu Australia’s official website is


Is Sharetea only known for its milk tea?

No, Sharetea offers a diverse menu that includes fruit teas, fresh milk series, brewed teas, creama series, and ice blended options.

Are the Sharetea prices in Australia consistent across all locations?

While Sharetea strives to maintain consistent pricing, slight variations may occur based on location and size preferences.

What are the most popular Sharetea flavors in Australia?

Classic Pearl Milk Tea and Brown Sugar Milk Tea are among the favorites in Australia.

Can I customize my Sharetea order?

Yes, Sharetea allows customers to customize their drinks by choosing sugar levels and ice levels according to their preferences.

Where can I find the nearest Sharetea location in Australia?

You can find the nearest Sharetea store in Australia by visiting their official website or using a location-based app.

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